RULE V : National Skills Standards

SECTION 1. Establishment of skills standards. — There shall be national skills standards for industry trades to be established by the Council in consultation with employers' and workers' organizations and appropriate government authorities. The Council shall thereafter administer the national skills standards.

SECTION 2. Objectives. — (a) To improve the level of skills of workers in industry;

(b) To assist in the development of human resources by providing a precise means of assessing the skilled manpower of the country, both qualitatively and quantitatively; and

(c) To improve industrial relations by providing common ground for negotiations between employers and workers relating to terms and conditions of skilled workers.

SECTION 3. Composition. — There shall be set up a National Committee on Trade Skills Standards, Testing and Certification, composed of the Director-General as Chairman, the Director of the National Manpower Skills Center, the Director of the Bureau of Apprenticeship, and one representative each from industrial employers, industrial workers, Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Department of Trade and Industry, organizations of mechanical engineers, electrical/electronic engineers, and civil engineers.

SECTION 4. Functions. — The National Committee on Trade Skills Standards, Testing and Certification shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

(a) To propose for the approval of the Council national trade skills standards for various trades and occupations;

(b) To approve trade tests appropriate to each national trade skill standards;

(c) To appoint trade committees of experts to advise the National Committee on the content of national trade skills standards and the form of the trade tests; and

(d) To advise generally on the implementation of the national trade skills standards, testing and certification program.

SECTION 5. Trade committees. — There shall be created trade committees to be composed of experts from government, employers, and employees' sectors, to advise the National Committee on the content of the standards and the appropriate trade tests.

SECTION 6. Trade testing board. — Trade testing and certification shall be carried out by a Trade Testing Board composed of three persons representing government, employers and workers to be chosen by the National Committee.