RULE VII : Learners

SECTION 1. Definition of terms. — (a) "Learner" is a person hired as a trainee in industrial occupations which are non-apprenticeable and which may be learned through practical training on the job for a period not exceeding three (3) months, whether or not such practical training is supplemented by theoretical instructions.

(b) "Learnership agreement" refers to the employment and training contract entered into between the employer and the learner.

SECTION 2. When learners may be employed. — Learners may be employed when no experienced workers are available, the employment of learners being necessary to prevent curtailment of employment opportunities, and such employment will not create unfair competition in terms of labor costs nor impair working standards.

SECTION 3. Approval of learnership program. — Any employer who intends to employ learners shall submit in writing to the Apprenticeship Division of the Regional Office concerned, copy furnished the Bureau, his learnership program, which the Division shall evaluate to determine if the occupation involved is learnable and the program is sufficient for the purpose of training. Within five (5) working days from receipt of the program, the Division shall make known its decision to the employer concerned. A learnership program shall be subject to periodic inspection by the Secretary of Labor and Employment or his duly authorized representative.

SECTION 4. Contents of learnership agreement. — A learnership agreement, shall include:

(a) The names and addresses of the employer and the learner;

(b) The occupation to be learned and the duration of the training period which shall not exceed three (3) months;

(c) The wage of learner which shall be at least 75 percent of the applicable minimum wage; and

(d) A commitment to employ the learner, if he so desires, as a regular employee upon completion of training.

A learner who has worked during the first two months shall be deemed a regular employee if training is terminated by the employer before the end of the stipulated period through no fault of the learner.

SECTION 5. Parties to learnership agreement. — Every learnership agreement shall be signed by the employer or his duly authorized agent and by the learner. A learnership agreement with a minor shall be signed by the learner with the conformity of his parent or guardian.

The employer shall furnish a copy each of the learnership agreement to the learner, the Bureau, and the Apprenticeship Division of the appropriate Regional Office within five (5) working days following its execution by the parties.

SECTION 6. Employment of minors as learners. — A minor below fifteen (15) years of age shall not be eligible for employment as a learner. Those below eighteen (18) years of age may only be employed in non-hazardous occupations.

SECTION 7. Cancellation of learnership programs. — The Secretary of Labor and Employment may cancel any learnership program if upon inquiry it is found that the justification for the program no longer exists.