RULE II : Functions and Areas of Responsibility

SECTION 1. Functions of the Council. — The Council shall take charge of the training and development of human resources, institutions, and formulate such integrated plans, policies, programs, and projects that will ensure efficient and proper allocation, accelerated development and optimum utilization of the nation's manpower, and thereby promote employment and accelerate economic and social growth.

SECTION 2. National manpower plan. — The Council shall:

(a) Formulate a long term plan which shall be the controlling plan for the development of manpower resources for the entire country;

(b) Carry out the approved manpower plan, and promulgate policies and standards for manpower and youth development calculated to develop and upgrade occupational skills of the labor force.

SECTION 3. Administration of training programs. — To integrate national manpower development efforts, the Council shall coordinate all manpower training schemes, except apprenticeship and learnership programs, particularly those having to do with the setting of skills standards. The Council may regulate existing manpower training programs of the government and the private sector to make them conform with national development programs, and for this purpose all manpower training programs shall be reported to the Council.

SECTION 4. Regional manpower development offices. — The Council shall establish regional manpower development offices for the effective supervision, coordination and integration of manpower training centers, programs and projects, and all human resources development efforts in their respective jurisdictions.

SECTION 5. Industry boards. — The Council shall set up industry boards to assist in the establishment of manpower development schemes, trade and skills standards and such other functions as will provide direct participation of employers and workers in the fulfillment of Council objectives.

SECTION 6. Incentive scheme. — The Council shall establish an incentive scheme which shall provide additional tax deduction to persons or enterprises undertaking development programs, other than apprenticeship, as approved by the Council.

SECTION 7. Research. — The Council shall conduct continuous assessment and study of the nature, behavior and use of the country's stock of human resources and study areas directly or indirectly related to human resources development. This it shall do by way of:

(a) Engaging directly in studies, researches and surveys; and

(b) Engaging the services of duly recognized and competent individuals, groups of individuals, institutions, schools and universities or research outfits, through contracts, grants or any appropriate arrangement.

In any case, documents, materials or whatever output or results from the activities above shall form part of the property of the Council.

SECTION 8. Evaluation. — The Council shall evaluate the output of human resources development programs to gear educational and training objectives to requirements of the annual investment priorities plan and maximum economic growth.

SECTION 9. Training assistance. — The Council shall provide training assistance to any employer or organization upon approval of an appropriate project proposal.

SECTION 10. Employment promotion schemes. — The Council shall adopt employment promotion schemes to channel unemployed youth to meet manpower shortages or other occupations.

SECTION 11. Director-General authorized to enter into agreements. — The Director-General, acting on behalf of the Council, shall enter into agreements necessary to implement manpower programs, and act upon nominations of Philippine citizens for training in other countries.

SECTION 12. Coordination of employment service. — The Council shall coordinate employment service activities with the Bureau of Employment Services particularly in the measurement of unemployment and under-employment, the conduct of local manpower resources surveys and occupational studies including an inventory of the labor force, and the establishment as well as maintenance without charge of a national register of technicians and other skilled manpower who have successfully completed training programs under the Council, including its periodic publication, and the maintenance of an adequate and up-to-date system of employment information.

SECTION 13. National standards of trade skills. — The Council shall establish and implement a national standards of trade skills, testing and certification.

SECTION 14. Administration of technical assistance programs. — The Council shall exercise authority, administration, and jurisdiction over ongoing technical assistance programs and grants-in-aids for manpower and youth development, both local and foreign, through a system that shall be formulated by the Council.

SECTION 15. Annual report to the President. — The Council shall report annually to the President on the progress of the Manpower Plan.